Model MID10

For Mounting PV Solar Panels placed next to each other.
Can be used with any Solar Panel over 3/4" or 20mm thick.
Use our End Clamps Model END10 for Mounting to just one Solar Panel.

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Model MID10

Set of 10 Mid Clamps for mounting any size PV Solar Panels.  Does not include T Bolts for Mounting to Aluminum Rails.  For mounting PV Solar Panels direct to roofs eliminating the high costs of rail mounting systems.  This low cost mounting system will reduce the solar panel mounting costs by up to 80% saving you $600 to $1,200 on a typical solar system.  This system is easy to install and is designed for the home installer.  See our PV Solar Systems and parts in our store by clicking on the link farther down this page.

Four Mid or End clamps required for each Solar Panel installed at 4 ft spacing into roof trusses.  The Solar Panels are installed sideways so they are more than 4 ft wide.

The Mid Clamp Mounting system includes Mid Clamp, 1.5" Solid Plastic Block, 5" x 1/4" Lag Bolt and 1/4" Washer.  The block can be composed of other materials and can be any thickness up to 3".  The block should be a minimum of 1.5" x 3".  The lag bolt should be long enough to penetrate the roof truss at least 2".  The Plastic Block shown can be purchased from Lowes Stores item number 435875.  It is cut 1.5" thick and drilled at the center with a 1/4" drill bit.  The hole and the bottom side of the block is sealed with clear silicone to prevent leaks.

Engineering of your roof structure and of the solar panel mounting system may be required by your city.  We have a free engineering sample available with purchase.  The typical cost for roof structural engineering is $300 and the typical cost for the engineer to include engineering for this mounting system at the same time is an additional $200.

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